Our Mission

We are a premier manufacturer of artisan Italian gelato products and modern patisserie products.

We focus on traditional handcrafting, best ingredients and top creativity for greatest flavour intensity.

We are partners with one of the best gelato manufacturers in Italy: Galliera49.

We value our environment and work with sustainable products and suppliers with a sustainable production.

We exist for our guests and offer a cosy atmosphere in our shops and maximal transparency in our work.

Fresh milk
From regional production

For our Crema varieties we use only fresh whole milk from farmers from our region. On the shortest way from happy cows, the freshly milked milk comes to us via the farmer we trust and is processed directly in the production of Gelato49. In this way, we combine our high quality standards for natural ingredients with the goal of producing Gelato49 ice cream as sustainably as possible.

Our Philosophy

We have been working for over 20 years to produce our gelato with all-natural ingredients from the finest growing Regions in the world.

We concentrate exclusively on artisanal production and can therefore individually and passionately focus on the production of each gelato.

Which gelato
would you like?

At Gelato49, every type of gelato is a pleasure in itself. No matter if dairy gelato or sorbet, your mouth will sing tunes of joy and your palate will shout “da Capo”.

Not all flavours are available every day, because we change one or the other from time to time depending on the season or the ingredients. But whatever flavour you choose from our gelato selection, every one is well worth a sin – we promise!

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Le Creme


Croccante all’ Amarena
with lots of Amarena cherries and Hazelnut Crunch

Blaubeer Buttermilch

Butto di Latte con Mirtillo
Sweet Buttermilk with Blueberries in it

Haselnuss Piemont I.G.P.

Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P.
100% Hazelnuts from the Piemont

Golden Milk

Curcuma-Latte with black pepper and ginger


Affogato al Caffé
Delicious milky cream gelato with coffee-caramel chunks

Karamell, leicht gesalzen

Dulce de Leche Salato
Intense caramel gelato made to Argentinian recipe, lightly salted


Cocco con Cioccolato
Delicious coconut gelato with coconut rasps and infused chocolate


aromatic rum gelato with rum raisins


Rabarbaro con Quark
Rich cottage cheese with rhubarb and a wild Berries sauce


Liquirizia Salato
Salmiak-Liquorice with liquorice chips, slightly salted


Cioccolato Croccante
Delicious creamy gelato with Chocolate-Crunch topping

Schokolade Ecuador

Cioccolato al Latte
Robust chocolate gelato with chocolate chunks


Menta con Cioccolato
Green mint with chocolate pieces

Skyr Pfirsich Maracuja

Skyr con Pesca e Frutto della Passione
Refreshing Icelandic-style skyr with a peach-passion fruit sauce


Creamy milk gelato with chocolate chips according to our original recipe

Vanille Bourbon

Crema Vaniglia
Smooth vanilla gelato with superior quality Bourbon Vanilla

Walnuss Karamell

Noce con Caramello
Sicilian walnuts pesto with caramelised walnuts


Hazelnut Crème with White chocolate
and Hazelnut crumbs

Bacio Piemonte I.G.P.

Chocolate-Hazelnut gelato with hazelnut bites

Cookie Doo

Pasta Biscotto
Biscuit Dough gelato with Dough Chunks

Gesalzene Erdnuss

Arachidi Salato
Salted Peanut gelato with peanut pieces in a caramel sauce


Panna con Papavero e Ciliegia
Delicious Sour cream laced with poppy seeds and sour cherries


Mozart cioccolato
Marzipan topped with pistachio sauce and chocolate chips


Cream gelato with wafer coconut pieces and a chocolate coating

Pistazie Sicilia

Pistacchio Sicilia
100% pistachios from Sicily

New York Cheesecake

Intense New York Cheese Cake with oranges and cake pieces

I Sorbetti

~ all sorbets 100% vegan ~


Mela con Zenzero
Sweet-ripened apples with ginger

Bananen Sorbet veg. Schoko

Banana con Cioccolato
Fresh bananas with vegan chocolate chunks


Fresh strawberries from Europe


Delicious raspberries from the Mediterranean region

Limette Basilikum

Lime & Basilico
Sweet lime from Tahiti spiced up with basil

Moscow Mule Cranberry

Delicious ginger beer with a shot of high-quality vodka, +18


A cold iced coffee experience with coffee cream


Juicy Alfonso mangoes from India

Pink Grapefruit

Pompelmo Rosa
Super refreshing grapefruit from the Caribbean


Frutti di Bosco
Sweet-Sour mixed forest berries


Limone Sicilia
Powerful refreshing lemon from Sicily

Kiwi Chile

Delicious kiwis from the best fruit-growing region in Chile


Mora con Lavanda
South American blackberries scented with lavender


A very yummy alternative to our classic vanilla gelato


Robust chocolate ice cream for our vegan guests

Pistazie Sicilia vegan

Pistacchio Sicilia vegan
Strong pistachio gelato with 100% pistachios from Sicily